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Fluid States - Solid Tastes

  • to take place in the Multi Hall (Multisalen), University of Copenhagen Amager campus (KUA), Copenhagen (Denmark), June 19-20, 2015

Fluid States - Solid Tastes is a symposium on taste, identity, territory and performance in the new Nordic cuisines.

Curator: Jonatan Leer, jonle@edu.au.dk

Anyone visiting the Fluid States - Solid Tastes events in the Multi Hall at University of Copenhagen will experience both the events that takes place in the Multi Hall as well as those taking place in the telematic space. See the outline of the program below:


Over the last decades, we have witnessed a series of manifestations of distinct Nordic cuisines in the Nordic region through revitalisations of the Nordic terroir and the region’s culinary traditions. The most prominent example is the so-called New Nordic Cuisine, but we find similar tendencies in the renewed interest in the Icelandic thorrablot-tradition and the appearance of a whole subculture of local produce (breweries, traditional salt exploitation, honey producers...) across Scandinavia. This development should be seen in the context of globalization the Nordic food culture in the last part the 20th century as a return to the Nordic terroir and Nordic taste as well as a “lost” Nordic identity.


In Fluid States – Solid Tastes, we wish to investigate through academic papers, food performances, critical discussions and food workshops the ways in which identity, food and territoriality are being reconstructed, negotiated and performed in the many manifestations of the new waves of Nordic cooking.

We are happy to present a stimulating series of presentations including distinguished lectures, tastings, debates, workshops and food performances:

Josh Abrams, Associate Professor of performance studies, Roehampton University London, will give us a key note lecture on the new Nordic cusine as performative practice based on his fieldwork in Noma and other culinary sites in Copenhagen.

Nordic Food Lab, a non-profit, open-source organisation that investigates food diversity and deliciousness, will present and let us taste their exploration between science and sensation.

Nathalie Doonen, Canadian artist and scholar, will present her storytelling project Manifest Cloudberry Dreams on taste and tales of the cloudberry.

Shannon Werle, American artist and scholar, will present her installation Breadtone; an exploration of the sound of Nordic bread.

Carmen Wong, conceptual food artist and researcher, will use the Danish dish Øllebrød to create an edible artistic in(ter)vention.

Anthropologist Bodil Just Christensen and performance design researcher Sara Strandvad will present their work on the Danish food theatre: Madeleine’s Madteater.

Bree Hadley, Australian performance scholar, will present her research on politicised performance of food and other domestic commodities in public space.

Contributors to a theme issue of Social Kritik on new Nordic cuisine, Rikke Andreassen, Anders Riel Müller and Jonatan Leer, will present various political and identity perspectives on food and Nordicness in contemporary culture.

Taste of Faroe Islands, in a food workshop, food entrepreneur Jonas Stejn Klotz, will engage the audience in making innovative miniature Smørrebrød, Danish open sandwiches, based on the flavors of the his native Faroe Island cuisine.