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Pantopia Telematic Encounters

  • to be manifest in the Nordic House in Torshavn (the Faroe Islands), June 18-21, 2015

Pantopia Telematic Encounters focuses on the relationship between participants both physically and telematically present, and on the relationship between performer(s) and audience both physically and telematically present. At the Nordic House in Torshavn, a telematic space functions as a container for telematic encounter between two other sites: the Sisters Academy in Nuuk, and Multisalen at University of Copenhagen on Amager, where Fluid States - Solid Tastes and Fluid Sounds will take place. Pantopia investigates performative elements of technology, and invites participants to propose issues related to telematic intimacy, performative practices across distances, technological alienation, cross-distance collaboration, documenting telematic encounters and virtual tangibility.

Anyone visiting the Pantopia Telematic Encounters events in the Nordic House, Torshavn, will experience both the events that takes place in the Nordic House as well as those taking place in the telematic space. See the outline of the program below:

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