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About Fluid States North

Fluid States North, the North Atlantic cluster at PSi 2015, invites you to explore island life conditions and possibilities through telematic presence and sensuous experience. Fluid States North is a communication platform that binds together places and people across the widespread area of the North Atlantic region. Considering the tensions between the global and the local, Fluid States North aims at creating nearness and connectedness despite distance and to provide frames for people to meet and exchange in new modes of communication.

Three Nordic islands

Collaborating with local artists, performers, activists and scholars, Fluid States North investigates the relationship between art and everyday life in three different types of Nordic islands: Greenland, the world’s largest island covered mostly by ice; Streymoy, the largest of Faroe Islands in the midst of the North Atlantic Ocean, and Amager, an island which forms a part of a metropolitan area of Copenhagen. Life conditions are radically different in these three island settings, and yet they are interconnected through histories of trade, settlements and colonialism, as well as socio-political and economic dimensions of regionalism and identity politics.

New forms of communication

Fluid States North intersects the global and the local by providing digital communication facilities to explore issues of embodiment and mediation in everyday technologies. With a geographical outset in the North Atlantic area, we invite participants to rediscover and redefine geographical settings and site-specific experience in the current negotiation of the global and the local. Climate change, capitalist interests in raw materials and energy resources, science and technology developments, and many other types of current and future explorations may radically transform the cultures and life conditions for local and regional communities. How may such displacements open for new modes of interaction, and what are the potential for creating new forms of communities and communication?

Telematic tangibility 

You can join one of four events at one of three island sites. The four events are connected through digital communication equipment installed in three telematic spaces. The three spaces will be interconnected in a double manner, allowing persons at each space to look and communicate with the two other spaces, one at each end of the space. In this way the three local spaces will merge into one telematice container, providing a framework of an everyday space for meeting and communication. The three sites are equipped with IT communication devices: cameras, monitors, microphones and loudspeakers. Through artistic and performative encounters, Fluid States North explores telematic tangibility and intimacy despite distance.